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Despite the difficult times Portugal went through in the early nineteenth century we have found in some diaries kept by generals who were here during the third French invasion references to the wine and cuisine of the region.

The chicken broth, for example, was one of the dishes served to Wellington alongside the famous beef Wellington, created in his honor. It is said that the British commander led his own cook to the battlefields, causing him to make experiences with Portuguese wines such as Madeira or Bucelas. The latter was provided by Wellington himself to the Portuguese Regent Prince and also to King George III of England. After the Peninsular War, its consumption has become a habit in the English court.

Also the Carcavelos wine was well-known by the British troops, having been for many years, exported in large quantities to England.

According to Lord Byron, among Lord Wellington favorite wines there were white from Ribeira de Maria Afonso and the red Encosta de Charnais from Serra do Socorro. Both these wines are still produced nowadays in the region using the same vineyards.

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