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GPS N 38 59.206 W 9 9.1

PR-1 Windmill route of Sobral

The natural diversity, influenced by the climate of the West Coast between rivers and streams, invites the practice of outdoor activities all year around.

The steep terrain is punctuated here and there by windmills that are a testimony to the agricultural activities with expression in the region until the mid-twentieth century: the grinding of cereal.

The windmills are prominent elements in the region, giving the landscape a vivid expression of culture and ethnography of its people and today is recognized as a regional brand identity. Only within the territory of Sobral there are 43 windmills.

Initially made in wood they began to be built in masonry, around the sixteenth century, becoming known as "Portuguese Wind Mills" or "Mediterranean" type.

Browsing the Route of the Mills is a proposal to meet locals which are familiar with this type of construction and will provide fabulous panoramic views. Bring binoculars and discover the mountains in the horizon of Socorro, Sierra Montejunto, the Berlengas archipelago and the Tagus estuary.

Many windmills were used during the Third French invasion as outposts for observation and some of them were converted into strongholds and incorporated in the defense system of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

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GR-30 Great route of the Lines of Torres Vedras

The great route of the Lines of Torres Vedras is a vast pedestrian route extending over a wide territory from the Tagus to the Atlantic, comprising six smaller trails. Set off to discovery, bring with yourself a map, a compass and/or a GPS.

It takes advantage of the natural obstacles of the region, high hills and valleys, ancient paths and military roads crossing over rural and forest areas.

Along the way you will see different fauna and flora, although on the background you can almost visualize the trails where both armies walked once upon a time while preparing Lisbon defense from the 3rd French invasion.

Sobral municipal track of the GR30 has 16km, it is linear with steep and uneven paths, giving a medium/high level of difficulty. It invites the visitor to get to know the most important military fortification of the First Defensive Line. It is therefore one of the paths with greater historical significance, where the main position of defense of the Lines of Torres Vedras offering a rare experience that combines the environment, sport history and tourism in an unusual way.

Do follow the trails nature offers you and enjoy long walks on foot, horseback or bike among stories of the past, told by stunning landscapes you will find. Put to the test your orientation skills, bring your camera and register your new adventures.

The route is fully signed, with quite an intuitive and clearly visible signage code. It uses its own signage Grande Route (GR), which was duly approved by the Federation of Camping and Mountaineering in Portugal. If you are fan of bird watching, you will find a natural diversity that might surprise you as well as to get quite familiar with some particular habitats.

On arrival bring your friends and/or family for a picnic. The visitor support infrastructure of Alqueidão Circuit is a wonderful spot for a moment of relaxation and sharing.

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