06 of august 2021

INVADE Magazine! Fourth number!

It has been three years since we launched a new issue of INVADE magazine every six months! and in this year of all expectations, we will not make an exception: number 4 is here, in a bilingual version.

You can pick up your copy, free of charge, at any Interpretation Centre or a Tourist Office in the territory of the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras or at one of the ASK ME points in Lisbon.

This issue tells you, among other things, what you can do, eat and enjoy in the Lines of Torres Vedras region. The highlight goes to the interview with Ana Garcia about Accessible Tourism and how our region, whose hospitality is so celebrated, can and should continue to adapt to welcome all its visitors.

We highlight two monuments of the Lines of Torres Vedras, one from the 19th century and the other from the present day; we also present some restaurants that, for the comfort of your palate, you should not miss and to make the best use of your free time, we mention the exhibitions, tours and activities that you will certainly not want to miss, not forgetting the places where you can stay. If you are visiting, always paying attention to the quality of the offer and the friendliness of the reception.

Change the destiny where we changed Napoleon's!

See the magazine here

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