04 of january 2021

INVADE Magazine! Third number!

Last December, the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras launched the third issue of INVADE! Patrimony. Tourism.Recreation.


In this edition we challenge you to end, or to start, the year by changing destinations. For a day or two know where to sleep and eat and what to do. Don't let time slip by and find out the suggestions we've prepared for you! A heritage that will not stop surprising you, either for its history, gastronomic and wine tastings, in Cantinho d'Arruda or in Quinta de Subserra, among other options, for the well-being that Casa da Nossa Senhora da Paciência can offer you or for the diversity of experiences between the city and the countryside.

Find out what is best done in Portuguese historical recreation, with the recreation groups Montagraço Guerrilla and Sobral Artillery Company and find out why Lígia Mateus, general secretary of the Portuguese Military Tourism Association, says she believes "that Military tourism is a segment that can make a difference".

Sofia Magalhães reveals to us how to reconcile culture, a taste for history and cuisine - authentic cuisine, made with what the land gives us. Then, just add knowledge and creativity and ... hello: healthy cuisine is born!

We are also talking about the National Day of the Lines of Torres Vedras, the INVADE micro-film contest! and the Lines concert, composed by Luís Soldado, directed by Rui Pinheiro, conceived by AREPO - Association of Opera and Contemporary Arts and performed by young musicians from associations, conservatories and academies in the municipalities that integrate the territory of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

And we won't end without showing you one of the most beautiful churches, located in an unsuspected place, the Manueline church of Santo Quintino - national monument since 1910.

In the words of Paulo Piteira, president of the General Assembly of the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras "we are summoned to transform the existing potential into a development engine for the benefit of (...) communities. (...) INVADE magazine has been giving, and will continue to give the deserved prominence to heritage and local protagonists, namely entrepreneurs, with activity in the territory; those who have already been collaborating with the Historical Route in several initiatives, but also those who, we are certain, are about to join us.

Dare and change your destiny, where we changed Napoleon's!

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