20 of august 2020

Change the destination ...

Change the destination where we changed Napoleon's, this is the publicity slogan campaign that is taking place on social networks and wants you to discover and enjoy the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras, of the Forts, who defended Lisbon and independence from Portugal in 1810, from its magnificent landscapes and from the Interpretation Centres that tell stories of places, characters and episodes that marked the identity of a country.

Add to this the good gastronomy, with dishes inspired by the 19th century, the excellent wines of the region and several experiences that a territory, which extends between Tagus River and the ocean, has to offer.

Trust in the security we can provide you and stay tuned, soon we will give you news about the celebrations of the National Day of the Lines of Torres Vedras - October 20, 24 and 25, 2020 - where the gastronomic initiative cannot be missed. At table with generals... with the participating restaurants and the INVADE! Micrometering Contest.

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