18 of may 2020

Alqueidão Fort at #EUinmyregion 2020

The NAPOCTEP project - Napoleonic routes through Spain and Portugal - participated last April, in the #EUinmyregion 2020 postcard contest. This is an opportunity to publicize the project on an European scale.

From the 5 photos sent, the Alqueidão Fort was selected, one of the 152 Forts of the Lines of Torres Vedras, built north of Lisbon to defend the city from the third French Invasion, in 1810.

This photo symbolically represents the project that aims to contribute to the protection and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage, as a support for the economic base of the region, focusing on the appreciation of the enormous cultural heritage of the Napoleonic era, generating a differentiated tourist product, quality, sustainable and attractive that allows generating economic activity and employment in the region.

#EUinmyregion is a communication campaign that aims to increase the visibility of EU-funded projects across Europe. Using communication tools and support, project management authorities and beneficiaries are invited to engage with citizens to show what they have achieved together with the EU in the region.

The competition is aimed at all types of projects financed by the EU (ERDF, ESF, INTERREG, Life, Creative Europe, etc.).

The photographs are selected based on aesthetic considerations, suitability and ability to arouse public interest.

The best images of a project receive 300 postcards and benefit from their dissemination on a European scale, through the #EUinmyRegion social media as well as Facebook and Instagram page.

See the publication here.

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