11 of july 2019

RHLT integrates NAPOCTEP project

The Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras is part of the project approved by the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal program (POCTEP).

The Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras - Association for Tourism and Heritage Development of the Lines of Torres Vedras participated, on July 9 and 10, in public presentation of the NAPOCTEP project - a new initiative aimed at drawing cross-border routes around French Invasions theme and Napoleon's figure - on a visit to historic sites related to Buçaco Battle and a working day on the tasks, budgets, administrative and financial management of the application recently approved by Interreg VA Spain - Portugal program (POCTEP).

The project has a total budget around € 710,000 and will be implemented by a consortium of Portuguese and Spanish partners, which includes the Historical Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras, the Coimbra Intermunicipal Community Region, Beiras and Serra da Estrela Intermunicipal Community, Portugal Centre Tourism, Castile and Leon Tourism and Arts Century Foundation, Santa Maria Real Foundation for Historical Heritage, Finnova Foundation and State Mercantile Society for Innovation Management and Tourist Technologies.

Until 2021, the technicians of these entities will work in partnership to protect and value cultural and natural heritage of the French Invasions and the Peninsular War as the axis of region development. For this purpose different routes of a common itinerary will be designed with the collaboration of other agents, companies and entities of the sector.

The final goal will be to add value to historical heritage, to create a recognized tourism product, to organize recreations agenda, markets, conferences and thematic events, to provide public and private networking cooperation, to integrate other territory agents, to unify brand, signage and marketing product in national and international markets.

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