13 of september 2015


Next September 13th (Sunday) will be held in Dr. Eugénio Dias Square in Sobral de Monte Agraço, at 3:30pm the historical re-enactment THE FRENCH ARE COMING! The occupation of the Village of Sobral de Monte Agraço by the French troops and the population escape. 1810.

Having been the French Invasions one of the biggest military offensive ever undertaken in Portuguese territory, they have left deep marks into places and people of that time, despite the Anglo-Portuguese resistance which had marked the beginning of the end of the expansionist ambition of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The French stay in the village of Sobral de Monte Agraço and region, such as in other places where the route of the third invasion took place, dragged these lands to one of the most painful episodes in the Portuguese history.

The massive operation under the "scorched earth policy" prevents the French any possibility of local procurement, but throws much of the Portuguese population in an unprecedented exodus. With a "handful of nothing", the people is forced to abandon their homes and their belongings to escape to the French Army. They took refuge inside the Lines of Torres Vedras and in the Portuguese capital to return later to their lands, victorious, but with "other hand with anything."

In memory of this episode, the 13th September (Sunday) will be dedicated to honoring the men and women who bravely resisted the French rage and at the same time were submitted to the British orders. Nevertheless they never lost sight of the defense of their homeland and identity.

Come to watch this historical re-enactment.

In this event we will have the participation of:

Al Albuera
Associação de Coleccionadores de Armas - "Armas da História"
Associação para a Memória da Batalha do Vimeiro
Voluntários Reais - Associação Portuguesa de Recriação Histórica
Grupo de Recriação Histórica "Guerrilha de Montagraço" - Associação de Cultura e Recreio 13 de Setembro de 1913
Oficina do Velho Ofício
Ordem da Cavalaria do Sagrado Portugal
Passado Vivo


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