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Peddy Papper

  • Foot by foot… Discover Alqueidão just as it is!


  • Game of the Generals


  • Lines of Wellington

"The gap between Monte Agraço and the Serra do Socorro was the main objective of the French army in its attempt to penetrate into the Lines."

Charles Oman
GPS N 39 0.787 W 9 7.251
23 of august 2022

Interpretive landscape signage

Fort Alqueidão has, since July, a new interpretive signage.In this case, it is a signage to support the interpretation of the landscape. Using it, the visitor can observe in greater detail, through the two available binoculars, the Fort Moinho do Céu (military work for the Lisbon's defense, as a natural barrier) an...
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25 of september 2022

Live nature

In this activity, integrated in the Explor(A)lqueidão program, we are going to make biological paints by extracting pigments from different foods. Then, "let's get to work" to make a painting with the produced paints.We will also look for pieces of pinecones and flowers to create solar prints with materia...
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  • Route PR1Windmill route of Sobral

    The natural diversity, influenced by the climate of the West Coast between rivers and streams, invites the practice of outdoor activities all year around.

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  • Route GR-30GR-30 Great route of the Lines of Torres Vedras

    The great route of the Lines of Torres Vedras is a vast pedestrian route extending over a wide territory from the Tagus to the Atlantic, comprising six smaller trails.

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